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ninjas strike hard, and fade away-- into the night.

ninjas strike hard, and fade away-- into the night.

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"At least we have food?"

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Here it is! The Japanese TMNT 2012 opening theme!

If anyone was able to record the ending theme, warn me!

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//yo donnie wouldnt turn down timber

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Blast It All | Rp With Ninjaturtledonnie


It began as no more than a brief investigation; he had seen something large and black being hauled through the shadow of the alley. He had seen the rapt attention with which the machines - the Kraang - watched it. He had wanted to know what it was.

So, they followed. And when the aliens disappeared into a darkened doorway, he had suggested that they slip inside after them.

A mistake.

It should have been quick. It should have been quiet.

And yet, here he was, ducking behind tall iron barrels in the middle of a lonely warehouse, tired and outnumbered, gritting his teeth fit to crack as great beams of heat whizzed dangerously close to the tender hairs of his ears. With a subdued grimace, he slid at a crouch along the floor, his mind rushing as it restrained the natural instinct to panic, clawed for a plan based on what little he saw of the enemy in the rush.

Not enough. Look again.

Splinter steeled himself; his head emerged from the side —!


No — duck!  He recoiled in an instant, and with a dash on all fours he slipped between the heavy packing boxes as the sound of alloy-weighted feet came pounding across the floor toward him. Awful timing. Awful timing.

If things had been so simple, he would have already left at the first sign of trouble; he would have long slunk past the graciously stacked crates, soared over the heads of his attackers, effortlessly bounded off into the safety of the open night.

But he would not. Not even if the building had burst into flames.

For he had been separated from his son.

Splinter turned his ears about (perhaps he could hear a shout, a call of his name), squinting about what little of the warehouse he could see from his new hiding place: he did not see the turtle upon the beams that stretched across the ceiling. He did not see him anywhere near the skylights, nor the windows.

He could call for him. It would give away his position, but he could call for him.

It was not difficult to decide if it was worth the risk.

"Donatello!" Splinter shouted. "Donatello!"

What had Donnie been trying to get again? He couldn’t quite remember as he was backed into a corner on the far of the warehouse. The Kraang were scatted all about, shooting in a direction without a single thought it seemed.

Donatello crouched against the metal bins, blocking out the noise around him in an attempt to concentrate.

Where was Master Splinter? Moments ago he had been right by his father’s side, but now what? The two had been separated when the guns began to go off, and Donnie had no idea where his father could be.

Until he heard the shouting.

The Kraang that were gaining on him turned and began to head towards the source of the noise, which Donnie knew to be his father. Thankful for the relief, Donnie rolled out from behind his crates, staff raised above him in a defensive stance.

What could he do to save his father? Sensei could surely get out of any situation without Donnie’s help, but the Kraang had two things they didn’t. Guns and numbers.

It took a moment for him to realize that he never returned the shout or made any indication that he was alive. Oops. He’d probably worried his father because of that.

He pulled out a shuriken, tossing it in the direction of Master Splinter’s voice. It landed in the back of one of the nearer Kraang.

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//hey, tumblr just said i had 3 asks but only shows one, so if you sent me an ask you might wanna send it again!

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Shard chuckled and licked his head. “Then I task you with finding me one. It shall underscore the seriousness of the ringing phone.” 

Placing her arm around him, she cupped his chin gently as she gazed down at him. “Now then, dear one. The hour is late. Do you think you can sleep now?”

"I’m sure it’ll be easy to get one for you, Kaa-san. Don’t worry about it."

He looks up at her and nods, “Yes, I think I can now. Thank you, Kaa-san.” Donatello wraps his arms around her in a hug and smiles. “Goodnight.”

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He paused, before suddenly wrapping an arm around the other. “Satisfied? Now it’s three in the morning. Please do consider being silent.”

Donnie smirks and nods, “Night, then.”

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Put a ‘♫’ in my askbox and I’ll give you a three song playlist for our characters relationship.

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