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The sewer’s resident couple had done many a fun things in the past. Having a snowball fight in Central Park, going on a romantic dinner when Donnie was (miraculously) human, and more. The turtle felt that some fun was long overdue in their lives, especially with all of the drama going on in the lives with the evil counterpart. Donnie was determined to make the good things soften the bad, and despite the fact that the attack on the red head was some time ago, he couldn’t help but want to make it up to her.

His laptop was just now finishing on the CD that he set to burn, and four sets of lights were newly repaired on the bed behind him. He grinned, this was going to be his best idea yet. Donnie moved away from his laptop and opened the door to his room, certain that April would come in there first thing.

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    April nodded, leaning up against his arm. “Thank you.” She smiled, closing her eyes.
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    Donnie nodded, and moved to sit next to her, but not before setting an alarm on his tPhone to remind him to pull the...